Corporate event

About the


About the project

Organizing a team-building event for a large group is a massive undertaking. But whatever successful event just requires good work.

This corporate event for 150 people was organized in Catalonia in September 2019, including several team-building events, a banquet, and entertainment accompaniment.


Business goals

These goals were achieved through the event:
1 - Informal communication between employees of different structures, which affects the general background of the microclimate in the team and the achievement of tasks
2 - Raised the collective spirit to start something new in the company with renewed vigor and a renewed cohesive vision
3 – Increased employee loyalty to the company and the brand as a whole
4 - Increased employee motivation - since only material bonuses do not always work, sometimes other types of employee motivation need to be applied
5 - We formed a team that, through joint efforts, felt the taste of victory, which is necessary for a joint result in work and the achievement of new goals.