My history – Nataly Yeromenko

My history – Nataly Yeromenko
Hello, creative world, my name is Nataly Yeromenko and I'm a Creative director and founder of the Étrange creative agency.
I was born in Ukraine, but since 2016 I live and work in Spain - Barcelona.
I remember when in high school I learn about graphic design and it became my obsession. I didn’t even have a computer back in 2001. But had the opportunity to land my first job in a local newspaper - thanks to that I took my first steps into graphic design programs, and of course, at the same time, I start studying my passion at the University.
Six years later I graduated and got my master's degree in Art and Graphic Design.
During this time I met another graphic designer that share the same passion/obsession and together we founded our own graphic design studio.
Thanks to a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and ambition, together we grew and manage to lead a creative team of 12/15 members (designers, managers, and programmers). We have created thousands of big and small projects since that time for many companies and startups from Ukraine, Europe, and the USA.
My ambitions and energy led me to Europe, so in 2016 I moved to Barcelona.
The office in Kyiv was closed and we kept different ways with my ex-partner. It took me a few years to learn Spanish while traveling around, studying and enjoying life in this beautiful city. I’ve been living in Mexico for a while and visited US and Peru.
But how can you give up on your essence right? 😅I'm a natural leader with good communication skills, so after working many years as a freelance Creative director and designer I've made a decision to form my own team again. So Agency got a new clear vision, mission, strong style, and the most creative people.